+Amanda; "no way, you wrote this.. for me? this is so cool, thank you so much wow."

hi!!!! i know i don’t come on anymore but this is me just leaving a reminder that i still love u guys and the guys so much and i always will ((: okay ttyl guys

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just for the hell of it i went and looked at the bandlife tour shirts online bc i didnt buy one at the show and now they’re on sale. i scrolled over the back of the shirt, trying to find my city, and i don’t fucking see it. i notice though sayreville. okay when the tour was first announced they fucked up the new jersey date to begin with. the new jersey show was in montclair NOT sayreville. sayreville has a different venue then the montclair one. so if i want a bandlife shirt i won’t even get one with my shows correct city on it. no, but a city in new jersey that the boys didn’t even fucking go to like thank you. MY BANDLIFE WAS IN MONTCLAIR, NJ. management fucked up and cant even get the correct city name printed on a t-shirt literally. im livid. and don’t get me started on my bandlife episode, new jersey got the short end of the stick with the episode and now the tour merch.